Students read 16 books, with 2 books from each of the following: Biography, Information, Poetry, Folktale, Fairytale, or Myth
1 book from each of the following:
Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure
One book nominated for the current William Allen White Children’s Book Award
Plus one award winning book (choose from Newbery, Caldecott, or William Allen White).
Students are to read books on their own reading level so that the award is attainable by every student and, as students have a higher reading level each year, the difficulty will increase as the students move up. The students may earn the award, beginning in 3rd grade.
The student must take and pass the AR quiz for the book. This not only gives some assurance that the student has read the book but it also eliminates the student using the same book for more than one year as the student may not retake an AR quiz.